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Virtual Poetry Contest

posted Mar 5, 2017, 1:51 PM by Valibrarian Gregg   [ updated May 3, 2017, 6:58 PM ]
CVL Virtual Poetry Contest 2017
Winners Announced!  Poems will be "rezzed" into our Virtual Poetry Garden and on display through August 2017.

Virtual Garden Party May 23  6pm Pacific Time

1. I have a 2nd life, legal, virtual and spiritual with lawyers, librarians & Presbyterians. I rez therefore I am. By Suemoon Magic

2. Death’s top hat will not fall

but your gown sways and swirls around you like clouds,

and you, like clouds, part with sudden lightning

    By Perplexity Peccable (in memory of Riven Homewood)


3. suspended

dreaming in half light while butterflies tangle in stars--   By Sheila Yoshikawa 


4. Pain, It shows us where Through the fissure Crack Tear Healing can begin. It exposes sin, Where we start Before we mend

By Rebekah Vernik

5. Between us Romeo and Juliet is just a step which neither one of us can make.

By Tim Timaru

6. Sunbeam pierces cloud My train of thought is broken: Snowflake melts mid-air. By Ixmal Supermarine

7. fires emblazoned on water dark, deep a lone figure rises drawn into music trance, surrender embers, floating peace

By Rhiannon Chatnoir

8. free fall... a blind fly in an empty space last kiss of a butterfly wandering prisoner in his own light circles...

By Tim Timaru

9. Sprouts of shocking green Leaves turning black into dust Pushing death t’wards birth

By Valibrarian Gregg

10. floating in your body like a ship looking to anchor deep in your being before the storm swallows us in the same feeling

By Tim Timaru